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I showed this post to my boyfriend and he tried to take his shirt off like a girl and 



Out of the 82k notes my post got this is by far the best comment holy shit thank u for being u

So i tried it both ways and uh

i mean how do you do the first one without pulling out all your hair?

this made me laugh really hard….

and it made me realize that girls and boys pull their shirt off differently. /amazed

but seriously I think girls just do the cross arm thing because of HAIR like demonstrated 

So one year, one URL change, and a hair cut later, I decide to try again… FOR SCIENCE! 

Its not science unless you write it down so 

First method:

Well done, i guess…


I fucked up

Girls… how?

Subtle differences in the body? Like maybe the shirt can get caught on a boy’s broader shoulders or on a girl’s bust? Maybe you’re just not used to pulling off your shirt that way, so it’s harder?

Maybe it’s a girl-shirt boy-shirt difference. I’ve worn both and I can honestly say girl shirts tend to be cut lower… which I find kind of weird, but hey, science!

I’ll try doing an experiment on this later.

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So I’m making a new Dragon Age: Origins module to practice in the Toolset. Sort of a fan fiction on what happens in Fereldan while Hawke is wreaking havoc in Kirkwall.

I didn’t want to make a bunch of OCs for the sole purpose of populating the party picker, so I’m using old ones from Origins and other places. Then, judging on how likely they are to have made it that far, how entertaining they are to write, and how many of their specific class I already have, they’ll get struck off, one by one.

At first, Jowan and Tamlen didn’t stand much of a chance considering you can and likely did kill them both, but then I jokingly wrote them as having the same recruitment mission and…

Tamlen: Selfish, annoying, hideous HUMAN!
Jowan: Hey! You’re not looking too hot yourself!

Tamlen: Why do I even bother?
Jowan: Oh, so you’re finally tired of ranting? For three hours I was seriously considering tearing my ears off.
Tamlen: You should, that might brighten my day.

Tamlen: (Finding a dead herbalist) I wonder what happened to him.
Jowan: I guess you could say he—
Jowan: …ran out of thyme.

Tamlen: One reason is all you need for me to consider not killing you!
Jowan: You’re wounded too and you need a healer?

Jowan: So his minions were—
Jowan: (Stares Tamlen in the face) …kept in the dark.
Tamlen: Looks like you just ran out of thyme.






dont forget the part where you pretend you’re having a really sad moment in the rain

#ur missing when I waterbend

And the period shower where you stand and watch the blood flowing down the drain as if you just got back from a war or brawl.

As a girl I can confirm that all of this happens.

Nothing has ever been posted that is more true.

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